Sunday, April 1, 2012

Script Frenzy Has Begun

Script Frenzy started April 1st right on schedule. The interesting thing for me though, was that I was on a whale watching tour in the Puget Sound bright and early the morning of the first. So, there I was, dockside before the tour started, thinking about beginning to write my screenplay. The lightbulb over my head illuminated: I can download the CELTX app (screenplay writing software) to my iPhone and start writing during any downtime on the tour. I did just that, so the fist page and a half was written on a catamaran on the way back to the dock.
The working title of my screenplay is Echoes of Enchantment. Here are some of the characters. Jennabel Proctor, she had to assume the duties of Guardian for the coven after her mother, Diana was murdered. Jefferey Proctor, Diana's husband and Jennabel's father (he is sad). Sadie Bishop, Jennabel's best friend, or is she? Cuff Nalpak, maladjusted and disgruntled coven member. Patrick Miller, the blacksmith's apprentice (every story needs a blacksmith's apprentice).
So far, I am ten pages into the screenplay and need only 90 more to claim success at the end of the month and conclusion of Screnzy '12. I will keep you posted with progress updates and tidbits about plot and character as the month progresses.