Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Update from Enchantment

Today marks the fourth day of Screnzy, and thus far, I am on track for my 100 pages after completing the 14th page today. My experience, to this point, has revealed two major differences between novel writing and scriptwriting. The first is the pace of the story, which in novel writing, can be much slower as the author takes time to develop the story through several pages or chapters even. This is contrasted by the need to rapidly develop the story line in a screenplay, where each page of script is roughly one minute of action (or so I've read). The second difference is the devices or tools authors can use to propel the story. In a novel, the author can use the character's thoughts, dialog, setting descriptions, sensory descriptions, etcetera. In a screenplay, the major tools are dialog and setting, which I am sure there is much more to it, but this is a rookie comparison between the two.

The action is rapid and within the 14 pages of script for Echoes of Enchantment, a lot has already happened. Jennabel Proctor's mother, Diana, died in a fire (or was it the fire that killed her?). Just a side note, characters named Diana do not fair well in any of my writings, which makes me wonder if there is some underlying issues with that name. Enough self-therapy though, Jennabel took the responsibility of Coven Guardian with the passing of her mother, a position selected by birthright. She met a possible suitor (1852 talk), which infuriated her bestie, Sadie, who is jealous of Jennabel's success.

Next time, I will reveal more about the Guardian role, at least the parts that are not top secret. The role is central to the Echoes story, as well as the novel, Cooking Athanasia. Last, Taylor, if you're reading, I'm offering you first crack at the lead.

Thanks for reading,