Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bitter Premonition-Part Three

     Jenna made a decision about the trip in this installment of Bitter Premonition, a decision with dire consequences. Remember, this is a bonus chapter from my forthcoming book, Cooking Athanasia. To those who are following the story, thanks for the read. A special thanks for those of you who are helping me, in my quest of shameless self-promotion, for sharing within your circles.


The closer the girls got to Jenna's house, the more intense the tingling in her hands grew. By the time the Jeep reached the driveway, Jenna felt as if her hands were physically buzzing. It was at that moment that she decided to go with the gut feeling that had been building in stomach all morning; she had to convince the others to cancel the trip.
Jessica turned off the ignition. "Where's your stuff?"
Jenna stammered, "Um...uhh...we have to...umm...a change of plans." Regardless of their friendship, she hadn't the foggiest idea how she should phrase her plea so she didn't come off like a crackpot.
"What?" Nicole asked.
"We can't go." Jenna thought it best to just get it out there.
Nicole repeated her question, "What?"
"Yeah, what are you talking about?" Jessica added.
"Something bad is going to happen. I can feel it. We should do something else," Jenna pleaded.
Emma put down her book and joined the conversation. "Something bad? What makes you say that?"
"What do you think is going to happen? And how is it that you think you know this?" Nicole said.
Jenna had never revealed The Dream and its significance to her friends. She also thought this was a terrible time to tell them. It was hard for her to think though because her hands felt like they were plugged into an electrical socket. She had to do something and do it now. "I had a dream, a err...a special dream. I have this same dream any time something big is about to happen in my life. It has never been wrong."
"A dream? A freakin’ dream? Like a Final Destination dream? You know that is only a movie right?" Jessica was skeptical. "It was only a dream girly, go get your stuff."
"What's really going on Jenna?" Emma asked. "You wanted this break as much as the rest of us and now you're changing your mind?"
“I really don’t think we should go,” Jenna was committed now. “Look, you can be mad at me or hate me or think I’m a creep,” she was sure her shuddering hands were audible by now, “but I know something terrible will happen if we go on the trip.”  Tears rolled down her cheeks, “Please don’t go. I’m not going.” The instant she announced her decision, the hand tremors ceased. She stood in the driveway looking at her friends, who were all looking back at her incredulously.
Jessica broke the silence. "This is crap. Don't go then Jenna. We will tell you all about it when we get back and nothing happens to us," she punctuated the statement with waving her hands over her head, and then turned to the other two, "Let's get out of here."
Emma, forever the glue of the group, said, "Hold on Jessica. Maybe we should talk about this and figure out what's going on."
Jessica replied, "Stay and talk if you want. I'm going camping." She got in the Jeep.
Nicole looked worried, as if she half-believed the premonition. Jenna caught her eyes and mouthed, "Don't go," to which Nicole replied with a shrug, as if she had no choice.
Emma was sympathetic, but yielded to the group’s unofficial leader, "Sorry Jenna," she said and ran for the Jeep.
Jessica started the Jeep and backed out of the driveway. She stopped in the road and turned to Jenna, "Last chance."
Jenna only shook her head no and emitted a feeble, "Please..."
Jessica responded by dumping the clutch and speeding off. They left Jenna sobbing in the driveway, wishing she had been able to stop them, and dreading the next few days when whatever was going to happen happened.